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What Is TMP?Trimethyl Phosphate (TMP)

Trimethyl Phosphate (TMP)

Basic product information

Phosphoric acid three ethyl ester

English Name: phosphate Triethyl

Properties: colorless transparent liquid

% moisture: less than 0.20

Chroma (APHA): less than 20

The content of (GC%): 99.5%

The acid value (mgKOH/g): less than 0.05

Specific gravity (20 /4 C): 1.069-1.073

Rate of (nD20): 1.4070 - 1.4050

Raw materials: three chloride, phosphorus and ethanol as the main, two step esterification synthesis.

Triethyl phosphate packing: net weight 200kg / galvanized iron drum (a small cabinet play supporting installation of 16 tons), 1000KG/IB barrels (a small cabinet installed 18 tons) or 23 tons isotank.What Is TMP?Trimethyl Phosphate (TMP)

Two, product uses

Phosphoric acid three ethyl ester is a high boiling point solvent, rubber and plastic plasticizer, is also a catalyst. Also used as a raw material for the preparation of pesticide pesticides.

(1) catalyst: xylene isomerization catalyst; catalyst for the polymerization of olefins; tetraethyl lead manufacturing catalyst; catalyst for preparation of carbodiimide; trialkyl boron and olefin metathesis catalyst; acetic acid dehydration under high manufacturing ethylene ketone catalyst; styrene with conjugated diene compound polymerization catalyst; if used in the polymerization of terephthalic acid, ethylene glycol, prevent discoloration of fiber.What Is TMP?Trimethyl Phosphate (TMP)

(2) solvent: solvent for nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate; to maintain the life span of the organic peroxide catalyst solvent; fluorinated ethylene dispersed in solvent; peroxide of polyester resin, epoxy resin curing catalyst agent and diluent.

(3) stabilizer: chlorine pesticide and stabilizer; phenolic resin stabilizer; solid agent of sugar alcohol resin.What Is TMP?Trimethyl Phosphate (TMP)

(4) synthesis of the resin: xylenol formaldehyde resin curing agent; softener of shell mold used phenolic resin; vinyl chloride softener; vinyl polymer plasticizer; polyester resin flame retardant agent.

(5) phosphoric acid three ethyl ester (flame retardant TEP) is a high boiling point solvent, rubber and plastic plasticizer, also used as raw materials for the production of pesticides, used as the ethyl reagent and the production of vinyl ketone. In Japan, 70% of the product is used for the catalyst.


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