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Use Classification And Application Of Epoxy Curing Agent

    Curing Agent Use Can Be Divided Room Temperature Curing Agents And Heat-Curing Agent. When High-Temperature Curing Epoxy General Performance, But Paint And Adhesive Used In Civil Construction Difficulties Due To The Heating, Room Temperature Curing Needs; So Most Use Of Aliphatic Amines, Alicyclic Cinema And Polyamides, Especially In Winter Use Coatings And Adhesives Had To Contend With A Polyisocyanate And Use,Use Classification And Application Of Epoxy Curing Agent Or Use Of Polyethylene Glycols Having A Foul Odor Of Sulfur.

    As Temperature Curing Agent And High Temperature Curing Agent, Will Have To Be With The Heat Resistance And Heat Resistance, Adhesion And Chemical Resistance Of The Cured Body Is Selected As The Reference. Selective Focus Is A Polyamine And Acid Anhydride. Since The Acid Anhydride Cured With Excellent Electrical Properties, It Is Widely Used In Electronics, Electrical Aspects.

    Aliphatic Polyamine Cured Adhesion And Alkali Resistance, Water Resistance Are Excellent. Aromatic Polyamines Also Excellent Chemical Resistance. Because Amino Nitrogen And Metals Forming   Hydrogen Bonds, Which Has Excellent Anti-Corrosion Effect. Amine Concentration Is Higher, The Better Rust. Anhydride Curing Agent And Epoxy Resin To Form An Ester Bond Of Organic And Inorganic Acids Showed High Resistance, Electrical Properties Generally Exceed The Polyamine.

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