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Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardant

   Organic Phosphorus Flame Retardant Mostly Have Low Smoke, Non-Toxic, Low-Halogen, Halogen-Free, Etc., In Line With The Development Direction Of The Flame Retardant, With Good Prospects For Development. Organic Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardants Include Phosphates, Phosphites, Phosphates, Organic Phosphate Salt, Phosphorus Heterocyclic Compounds And Polymers As Well As Phosphorus (Phosphine) Esters And The Like, But The Most Widely Used Is Phosphate And Phosphonate Research Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardants, In The Ascendant, Many Reports Each Year, Mainly In The Latter Two. Organic Metal Phosphinate Flame Retardants As An Emerging Concern.Mechanism Of Phosphorus Additive Flame Retardant Is Heated To Produce A Crosslinked Structure More Stable Solid Substance Or Carbonized Layer. Carbide Layer Is Formed On The One Hand Can Prevent Further Polymer Pyrolysis, On The Other Hand Can Prevent The Thermal Decomposition Of Material Into The Interior Of The Combustion Process Involved In The Gas Phase.

  Phosphorus Additive Effect Mainly In The Condensed Phase, Flame Retardant Mechanism Is:① The Formation Of Phosphoric Acid With A Dehydrating Agent, And The Promotion Of A Carbon, Carbon Generated Reduces The Heat Transfer From The Flame To The Condensed Phase.② Phosphate Can Be Endothermic, Because It Prevents The Oxidation Of CO To CO2, Reducing The Heating Process.③ The Formation Of A Thin Layer Of Glassy Phase Or A Liquid Aggregation Protective Layer, Thus Reducing The Heat And Mass Diffusion Of Oxygen Between The Solid Phase And The Vapor Phase Transfer, Inhibiting The Oxidation Of Carbon, Reducing The Phosphorous Containing Flame Retardant Thermal Decomposition Of The Change: Phosphorus Flame Retardant → Metaphosphoric → Phosphate → Polyvinylidene Acid, Phosphoric Acid Is A Stable Compound Polyvinylidene Less Volatile, With A Strong Dehydration, The Polymer Compound Isolated From The Air Table; Prolapse Of Water Vapor Absorb A Lot Of Heat, So That Thermal Decomposition Of The Flame Retardant Polymer Surface To Release Volatile Phosphide, By Mass Spectrometry Analysis Showed That The Concentration Of Hydrogen Storage Is Greatly Reduced, Suggesting That Capture PO · H ·, I.E. PO · + H · = HPO.

 Most Of These Substances Are Mainly Red Phosphorus Phosphorus-Containing Compound, Amine Polyphosphate, Phosphamidon, Tricresyl Phosphate, Etc., Can Make The Ignition Temperature.

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