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        Zhang Jia Gang YaRui Chemical "Integrity, Persistence, Innovation" Business Philosophy, Adhere To Respond To The Call Of The National Chemical Eco-Friendly, With High-Quality Environmentally Friendly Materials To Produce Chemical Products, And Together Many Domestic And International Sales Of The Elite, Phosphate Flame Retardant Jointly Develop Overseas Markets, To Expand Overseas Markets, China Chemical Doing Long-Term Unremitting Efforts. From The Newly Established Overseas Customers Since "No" To The Accumulated Years Of Development In Europe And America, East Asia, Southeast Asia And Overseas Customers Continue To Increase, Yarui Chemical Again Expand Overseas Business, A Peer Leader, Currently It Produces Many Products, Such As Diethyltoluenediamine(DETDA), Dimethylthiotoluenediamine(DMTDA),Triphenyl Phosphite (Antioxidant, Stabilizer TPPi) , Triethyl Phosphate (Flame Retardant TEP), Triphenyl Phosphate (Flame Retardant TPP), Tris (2-Chloropropyl) Phosphate (Flame Retardant TCPP), Tri-Isobutyl Phosphate (TIBP), Phosphoric Acid Trimethyl (TMP) And Other Exports Have Shown A Stable Trend.

       In Recent Years, With The Increase Of Domestic Manufacturers Of Phosphate Flame Retardants, Phosphate Flame Retardants Increasingly Fierce Competition, Yarui Chemical Aspect Of Its Basic Products Phosphate Flame Retardant Product Quality And Environmental Protection Unremittingly, Other On The One Hand Innovation, Research And Development Of New Products To Further Expand The Domestic Market, General Manager Yarui Chemical Know That "Innovation Is The Driving Force For Development", Only Innovation, The Company Can Have A Steady Stream Of Running Water Supply Prompted The Company Bigger And Stronger. Currently, Yarui Chemical Has Developed New Products Dimethylthiotoluenediamine (DMTDA), A New Type Of Polyurethane Elastomer Curing Crosslinking Agent, And Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA), A Bit-Hindered Aromatic Diamine Chain Extenders, Received A Lot Of International Buyers Of All Ages.


       The Main Exporting Countries: South Korea, Japan, India, The United States, Saudi Arabia And Other Countries.

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