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Choose Environmentally Friendly Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid Oily Agent And Triethylphosphate Extreme Pressure Agent

Choose Environmentally Friendly Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid Oily Agent And Triethylphosphate Extreme Pressure Agent

In Recent Years, With Advances In Manufacturing Equipment, Processing Technology And Improve The Management Level And Improve Plant Material Material, And Metal Processing Technology For Supporting The Metalworking Fluid Made Newer And Higher Requirements. With The Continuous Strengthening Of Human Environmental Awareness And Environmental Legislation, People Are Increasingly Aware Of The Dangers Of Metal Working Lubricants On Humans And The Environment. Conventional Mineral Oil-Based Lubricants Biodegradable Poor Performance, Ecotoxicity High, Coupled With Dwindling Oil Resources, Relatively Environmentally Friendly, Fully Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic Metal Working Lubricants More And More People Of All Ages. But Most Of The Water And Metal Lubricant Is Still Used Nitrite, Phosphate And Organic Phenol As The Additives That Have Certain Cancer-Causing Properties, The Use Of The Process Will Not Only Endanger The Health Of Workers In The Operation, And After The Discharge Of Polluted Water Bodies, To It Caused Great Harm To The Environment.

Environmentally Friendly Metalworking Lubricating Materials Are A Class Of Human And Environmentally Friendly Metalworking Supporting Material. Green Metal Processing Machinery Is An Important Part Of Green Manufacturing. The Fundamental Goal Of Green Metal Processing, Is Completed At The Same Mechanical Parts Manufacturing, To Achieve Green Process, Namely The Process Of The Human Body Without Harm To The Environment Pollution. Environment-Friendly Lubricant Base Fluid Due To The Green And Green Additives, And Therefore The Noise Generated In The Metal Processing, Low Oil Mist Concentration Processing Plant, The Human Body Without Harm, Environmental Pollution Or Pollution, The Waste Water Treated After The Use Of Renewable Or Safe Discharge, Residual Material Without Harm To Humans And The Natural World, Or It Can Be Completely Degraded In Nature. Therefore, It Is An Important Part Of Green Manufacturing Technology.

Combining Modern Cutting Technology Development Status, The Use Of Non-Toxic Or Low-Toxic Additive, Developed A New Environmentally Friendly Chemical Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid, And Evaluation Of Its Overall Performance.

In Order To Protect The Tool, To Improve Processing Quality, Such Additives Is A Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid Indispensable Component. Such Additives Are Mainly Animal Fats, Polymeric Fatty Acids And Soaps, Fatty Alcohols And Polyols, Sulfurized Fats And Oils, Ketones, Amines And Other Organic Matter. They Are Molecules Having A Polar Group, The Orientation Adsorbed Film Can Be Formed On The Metal Surface, In Metal Processing, The Film Can Reduce The Direct Friction Between The Metal Workpiece, The Cutting Tool, Reducing The Surface Roughness, Improve The Accuracy Of The Workpiece And Extend Tool Life. Extreme Pressure Agents Are Compounds Containing Sulfur, Phosphorus, Chlorine And Other Elements, These Compounds At High Temperatures With The Metal Surface Chemical Reaction To Produce Low Shear Strength Metallic Solid Protective Film To Prevent Wear And Sintering Of Metal, It Can Be Used For Extreme Pressure Lubricated Friction State. The Wide Use Of Chlorinated Paraffins, Sulfurized Fatty Oils, Sulfurized Cottonseed Oil, Dibutyl Phosphite, Triethyl Phosphate, ZDDP Like As An Extreme Pressure Agent. Often Two Or More Complex To Use Than The Use Of Additives Alone Will Get Good Results, It Will Give The Performance Of Oil Is More Comprehensive. Because Different Types Of Extreme Pressure And Anti-Wear Agents Have Different Characteristics And Scope, Can Complement Each Other.

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