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Chain Extending Agents And Crosslinking Agents

      Chain Extenders For Polyurethane Elastomers Are More Usually Divided Into Two Types Of Diamines And Diols. The Chain Extender Is A Pre-Cast Concrete Polyurethane System Curing Agent, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, RIM Polyurethane,Chain Extending Agents And Crosslinking Agents One-Step Process Can Also Be Used Chain Extender, An Increase In Hardness And Strength Of The Elastomer.

(1) A Diamine Chain Extender Casting Polyurethane Elastomer Technology Commonly Used Diamine Chain Extenders. Reactive Aromatic Diamine Is Much Lower Than The Aliphatic Diamine Such Casting Process Has Good Maneuverability. Casting Polyurethane Commonly Used · The Largest Amount Of 3,3'-Dichloro-4,4'-Diphenyl Diamine (Methylene Bis Ortho Chloroaniline, MOCA, Also Known As The MBCA And Foreign MBOCA). Because MOCA Contains Two Molecules Containing A Benzene Ring, And Having Ureido Generating Machine Of Strong, These Factors Largely Imparting High Strength Elastomer. MOCA Can Work Well With TDI Based Pre-Collective. MOCA Is Solid At Room Temperature, The Need To 100-110 Degrees Melting, Generally Used Elastomers Hot Casting Process. There Have Been Many Diamines Of Hefei Has Been Developed, But The Overall Performance And Price Gap With MOCA.At Home And Abroad Have Been Developed Diethyl Toluene Diamine (DETDA) Dimethylthiotoluenediamine (DMTDA) Liquid Such As An Aromatic Diamine Chain Extenders. DMTDA Chain Reaction Rate Is Lower Than The Pre-Collective DMTDA 5-9 Times, It Can Be Used For Casting Elastomer Systems, The Viscosity At 20 Degrees For 700mPa. · S, Processing Performance And Elastomeric Properties Can Be Comparable With The MOCA.

(2) A Chain Extender And Crosslinker Alcohol Glycol Chain Extender Varieties Glycol, Propylene Glycol, 1,4-Butanediol 1,4-Bis (2-Hydroxyethyl) Hydroquinone And [ He Said Hydroquinone Dihydroxyethyl Ether, Bis (- Hydroxyethyl) Ether Of Hydroquinone, Referred HQEE], 2-Methyl-1,3-Propanediol (β-MPD), N, N- Di (- Hydroxyethyl Propyl) Aniline (BHPA) And The Like. Polyoxyethylene Phenyl Ether Glycol Ammonia Chain Extender Can Be Used For Casting Elastomer MDI System.Diol Chain Extender Chain Extender Used For TPU And Other Elastomer In TDI Casting Elastomer Systems This Is Rarely Used Because Of Poor Elastomeric Properties. Using The Aromatic Diol (E.G. HQEE) To Some Extent Improve The Strength Comparable Aliphatic Diol, HQEE But Expensive, And HQEE Higher Melting Solids Need Pre-Heating To Melt, It Affects Its Wide Application. Resorcinol - Double (β, - Hydroxyethyl) Ether (HER) And HQEE Are Isomers. When Used In Place Of 1,4-BD HRE As Chain Extender, The Improvement Of Heat Resistance Of The Elastic Body, Can Be Reduced As Compared With HQEE Processing Temperature And Extend The Operating Time, Low Shrinkage Rate.

    In Order To Increase The Crosslinking Density Of The Elastomer To Improve Resilience And Milk Swellable Elastomers, Often Equipped With A Small Amount Of Triols, Such As Trimethylolpropane (TMP), Triisopropanolamine (TIPA) And Propionic Triol Crosslinking Agent.

     In Order To Improve Certain Properties And Processing Technology Can Be Used Mixed Chain Extender. For Example, The Amines With Alcohols Chain Extender With The Double-Barreled Can See The Chain Extender Of Multifunctional Crosslinking Agents Cooperate. According To Reports, Foreign Solvent Elastomer On The Use Of The Newly Developed Hybrid TMP-TIPA Chain Crosslinking Agent.

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