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  • 4,4'-Methylenebis(N-sec-butylaniline)|MDBA


  • Description:
  • MDBA Is 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) Trade Name, Also Known As Unilink4200,4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline), Unilink4200-MDBA Can Be Used In Hard Foam, 4, 4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Can Also Be Used To Spray Polyurea, And A Variety Of Compounds That Are Repaired By Metal And Concrete.

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★ Introduction 
MDBA Is A Trade Name Of 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline), A Liquid Secondary Diamine, In Which Hydrogen Atoms On Each Amino Group Are Replaced By A Sec-Butyl Group, Active Hydrogen In A Limited Space The Combination Of Atoms And Sec-Butyl Groups Produces Many Unique Properties, The Amino Moiety Forms The Urea Bond That Affects The Hard Segment, While The Butyl Group Acts As An Internal Plasticizer. It Is Connected With The Polymer Matrix, Neither Leaching Nor Precipitation. While The Alkyl Group Increases The Solubility Of The Diamine So That It Can Be Mixed With Almost Any Polyol And Polyamine.

★ Advantages:
Liquid, Safe And Easy To Operate
Kettle Long Life
Low Toxicity - Ames Test Was Negative
Increased Mobility And Adhesion
Low Humidity Sensitivity
Can Be Used For The Maturation Of MDI Prepolymer
Compatible With A Variety Of Polyol Coacervatives And Other Polyurethane Chemical Materials
Can Be Used For Room Temperature Curing
Hard Foam: Enhanced Compressive Strength Dimensional Stability, Reduced Fragility, High Porosity, Low Thermal Conductivity
TDI Soft Foam: Low Density, High Strength, High Loadability
MDI Soft Foam: Low Density, Low Hardness, Enhanced Strength

★ Product Use
4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Can Be Used In Rigid Foam, Soft Foam, Paint, Adhesive, Sealant, Elastomer, Typically Used In 1-5% Of The Polyol. 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Can Also Be Used To Spray Polyurea, And A Variety Of Metal And Concrete Repair For The Compound.
Soft Foam
   Bulk Foam - In The Standard TDI And High Resilience Foam Composition, Adding 3-5php Of 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Can Increase The Tensile Strength, Tear Strength And Load Performance, In Most Cases, These Advantages In Reducing The Foam Density Can Be Achieved In The Polyester Foam, The Same Proportion Of 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Can Significantly Improve Tear Strength And Loadability, While Does Not Affect The Other Properties Of The Foam.
   Cold Molded Foam - It Has Been Proven In Commercial Applications That Adding 1-2php 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Reduces Density And Softens The Foam To Optimize Foam Performance. But Also Can Enhance The Tensile Strength, Tear Strength And Elongation, Shorten The Release Time.

Hard Foam
   Polyurethane Rigid - Use 3-5php Of 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA In A Water Or Anhydrous Hard Foam System To Significantly Improve The Compressive Strength And Dimensional Stability Of The Foam While Reducing Ease Brittleness, Increase The Porosity, Reduce The Thermal Conductivity.
   Polyisocyanurate Hard Foam - Adding 5 Phr Of 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA To The System Can Increase The Compressive Strength By 100% In A High Proportion Of Water Foaming Or Full Water Foaming , The Dimensional Stability Was Significantly Improved.

Coating / Adhesive / Sealant / Elastomer
   Coating - - 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Can Be Used For Room Temperature Curing Of Coatings For TDI And MDI, And A Suitable Catalyst Masterbatch Can Be Used To Produce A Combination System For Spraying And Casting. With 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA As A Curing Agent Formula, Can Improve The Adhesion And Surface Quality.
   Adhesive - 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Allows The Substrate To Be Better Wetted And The Cured Polymer Is Better Adhered To The Coated Surface. The Hard Elastomer - 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Can Be Used For The Maturation Of MDI Semi-Prepolymers To Produce A Series Of Elastomers With High Hardness.
   Soft Elastomers - The Use Of 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA As A Curing Agent Can Extend The Life Of The Kettle To Produce Soft Elastomers Used As Industrial Sealing Materials.

★ Polyurea
Reducing The Rate Of Gel Reaction, Making It Possible To Produce Such High Hardness Polymers By Spray Casting Techniques. The Extended Gel Speed Can Improve The Adhesion With The Base Layer, The Mobility, The Bonding Between The Coating And The Surface Quality. The Use Of 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA As A Curing Agent Can Significantly Improve The Low Impact Properties Of Polymer Impact Resistance.

★ Packing Specifications
18 Kg Tinplate
200 Kg Iron Drum
Storage (Use) Precautions
Store In A Well-Defined Sealed Container, Placed In A Cool Place, Away From Fire.
Avoid Eye Contact, Avoid Prolonged Skin Contact Or Inhalation Of Steam. Do Not Ingest. It Is Strictly Prohibited Near The Storage Container
Use Welding, Cutting Equipment, So As Not To Cause Steam Deflagration.

★ Safety Precautions
Toxicity, LD 5 0 (Oral, Mouse) 1,380 Mg / Kg
(Check Carcinogens) Ames Test: Negative
This Product Does Not Belong To The International Maritime Organization Dangerous Goods (IMDG)

Export Essential Information
Chinese Name: 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) (MDBA)
English Name: 4,4'-Methylenebis [N-Sec-Butylaniline] (MDBA)
Product Appearance: Deep Amber, 4,4'-Methylenebis (N-Sec-Butylaniline) -MDBA Can Be Used In Rigid Foam, Soft Foam, Paint, Adhesive, Sealant, Elastomer, The Typical Use Of Polyol (5-Methyl-Methylene) -MDBA Is Used To Spray Polyurea, And A Variety Of Compounds For Metal And Concrete Repair.
Cas Number: 5285-60-9
Belong To Several Types Of Dangerous Goods: General Cargo Exports.
Tax Rebate: The Current Diethylene Toluene Diamine (DETDA) Tax Rebate Of 13%.
Packing: Net Weight 200KG / Galvanized Iron Drum (A Small Counter To Play With 16 Tons), 1000KG / IB Barrel (A Small Cabinet Installed 18 Tons) Or 23 Tons ISOTANK.

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